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Our clients deserve the best! They enjoy a great service not only during the appointment but also within the next few years until they need to care about their makeup.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can entirely replace cosmetics. It's particularly important for those who are allergic to cosmetics or simply can't do their makeup.
Permanent makeup can enhance or change your eyebrow shape, as well as the shape of your lips, eyes, and face.
Permanent makeup can correct facial asymmetry, rejuvenate your face and disguise scars and white spots. It's a good way to look fantastic, day and night.

Our Services

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
We offer different methods and techniques to tattoo eyebrows: microblading, shading, combo hybrid (microblading + shading), waxing.
Permanent Eyelining
Permanent Eyelining
Enhances your natural eyeline and contrast. You can always add some eye shadow to complete your eye makeup. 
Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing
Enhances the color of your lips with a long-lasting pigment (large color palette).
Removal of Permanent Makeup
Removal of Permanent Makeup
Removal of low-quality or old permanent makeup and tattoo.

Winter Sales

6D Microblading for $400



15+ years of experience. We offer training courses from our experts.



Master Class by Carmen Lopez

She is a real professional and has an impeccable taste. She runs a number of workshops around the world and takes part in international congresses. Her works are flawless. She knows everything about the tools, techniques, and colors. You are sure to get an unrivaled experience that will help you in your career!